I love watching youtube videos at the moment. To me it is the font of all knowledge. Its the go to place to learn about anything, how to make or do anything . Youtube has come to rival …Google my original obsession.

I find lately I watch videos to help me make decisions in my life like whats my next hairstyle and is that outfit appropriate for a woman of my age( I am not old just not a young bubble headed 21 year old anymore) and figure ( again I’m no longer my 21 yr old self ) to where out on date night.Or how to I rig a home cinema in my living room and my husband put diesel in my petrol car how do I fix it.

I watch weight loss videos or makeup tutorials and hair care rituals.

In all these videos everyone is talking about their journeys and where they started and what they did along the way. What their end destination is and how they intend to get there. All that inspires me. There are so many stories shared and journeys taken that as I embark on several journeys of which the end goals will be spiritual growth, improved health, amazing career prospects and a vibrant home life. I want to share my travel stories and anecdotes as its always more fun when there is someone to share it with.

So… you coming?

Journeys to where?